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Selected bibliography


CRAWL, a video anthology, Aarhus Film workshop.

SPINN OFF, a video anthology by the Danish Film Institute in relation to the Exhibition Art and Video in Europe: Elektroniske understrømme at the Nnational Gallary of Denmark.


STØJ I ØJET,a television profile, DR.

10 MINUTES, a video anthology, a project by Aarhus Film Workshop.

A RISK OF REALITY, the videos of Birgit Johnsen and Hanne NIelsen by curator mag. art at Aros - Gitte Ørskov.   

NONSTOP VIDEO VINDUE INTERNATIONAL,a video anthology and documentation of the project, Public Space Project, Copenhagen.

VIDEOLOGIER, 33 tekster om Europæisk Vidokunst, an anthology book (page 27-29) by Lars Movin.

INFLATED CONSTRUCTION,a picture Motion Flip Book, Space Poetry.

BODY THERAPY– an introduction to Johnsen and Nielsen, text by Lennart Gottlieb, Art museum of Aarhus, Demo 3.

MONKEY WRENCHES, BALLOON ANIMALS AND OTHER AMBIGIOUS ELEMENTS, videos by Hanne Nielsen and Birgit Johnsen, text by curator Sanne Kofod Olsen.

KUNSTSTOF, Hanne Nielsen og Birgit Johnsen, a video profile by Art Historian - Charlotte Fogh Rasmussen and Ole Bak

TERRITIRIAL STATEMENTS – Johnsen & Nielsen, text by director at Esbjerg Art Museum - curator Inge Merete Kjeldgaard & curator at Aros - Gitte Ørskov.

PIST PROTTA 35 – 36, art book by Space Poetry.

FILMNYT,  text by Lars Movin.

DOUBLE PERCEPTION, Birgit Johnsen & Hanne Nielsen, text by inspector at Brandt’s - Lene Burkhard.

THE CONSTRUCTED TRUTHT OF THE STORY, text by author - Lars Movin.

LIFE AND STORY,  text byAssistant Professor, Department of Information and Media Studies at University of Aarhus - Anne Marie Dinesen.

VIEW, Feminist strategies in Danish visual art, (page 223-224) interview by women down the pub.

BLIND WALK, an art book made in relationship to the video installation, Space Poetry

MANUAL TIL SAMTIDSKUNST, an anthology book (page 133-137) by Lisbeth Bonde and Mette Sandbye.

NY-BRUD, Dansk Kunst i 1990'erne, an anthology book(page 82) by Rune Gade and Camilla Jalving.

PARKORAMA,  An advanced picture from the outskirts of the city by Associate Professor at Institute of Aesthetic Studies at Aarhus University - Søren Pold.