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”Attributes” shows an uncovering and a covering, two processes two focussing’s. First a rabbit is skinned, where upon it is dressed in doll’s clothes. “Attributes” makes the skin, the fur, the coat and the clothes visible as the surfaces with which living beings face their surroundings.

The video plays with the expectations of the viewer, and the viewer relates to the rabbit both as animal and meat and at last as the rabbit regains its likeness as a living being it becomes worthy as an object of human feelings and self-identification.

Cast: Per Broby Olsen

Voice: Phillip Norris.

Editor: Susanne Knutzon

Sound editor: Steffen Addington, Peter Rasmussen.

Produced with support from Aarhus Filmworkshop.

A video by Birgit Johnsen and Hanne Nielsen. Copyright. 1996