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Replay consists of  5 video installations respectively on 2 and 3 screens.
Replay # 2, 5:16 min
Replay # 1, 6:08 min
Replay # 4, 6:18 min
Replay # 5, 9:17 min
Replay # 9, 9:23 min

Replay is based on a series of recordings made with surveillance cameras placed in private homes. The participating families agreed to have their daily life video-recorded over a period of two weeks, like a kind of reality show.
Afterwards certain transcribed parts of the conversations were selected and passed on to a team of actors, who were asked to stage their own interpretation of these situations, strictly on the basis of the written material. The actors did not get to see the original recordings and were given no information about the mutual relationships of the characters, their ages, etc.
The staged situations were then recorded, using cinematic and narrative devices typically associated with TV-fiction: hand-held cameras, close-ups, crosscutting, and more or less optimal lighting.

By using different optics the concept of documentarism and our relationship to cinematic representations of reality that are being problematized in Replay.




Tonemester Henrik Gugge Garnow, fotograf Natascha Thiara Rydvald, lydmand Rene Jensen,
tonemester Carsten Meinhardt, grip mm Lasse Bækdahl Nielsen,
Medvirkende: Bolette Ejsing Dahl , Ulrik Dahl, Poul Møller , Linette Frölich Jensen, Henriette Juncher , Jesper Hansen
Skuespillere: Steffen Nielsen, Jan Peter Tjerrild, Jane Kolding, Thomas B Hansen, Lilje Aurora Thomsen, Sarah A Kristensen,
Tak til Jørn Ulrik, Elly Nielsen, Annelise Birch Larsen, Per Broby Olsen.
Produceret med støtte fra Kunststyrelsen ,- fagudvalget for Billedkunst,
Århus Kulturpulje