DK   UK


Video installation, variable, duration 19 min. HD,stereo.

In dialogue with Per Thybjerg Aldrich


The missing Darkness, film version, duration 16:29 min. 2012.


The video "The missing Darkness" focuses on light, light pollution and the darkness as neglected quality.

Only very few places in Denmark, Europe and the USA, people are so far away from the artificial light that you cannot be dazzled. The video takes its point and location for filming at “Lille Vildmose” one of the darkest places in Denmark.

The pictures seeks the darkness and film  in the horizon and in the night sky, while presenting phenomena and short stories about how light from the cities deprive the eyes sensitivity to see out in the light and darkness of the night.

We hear how actually two thirds of the population USA are no longer able to see the Milky Way,  how American astronomers  has been forced to move telescopes to remote areas,  just to see the stars, -That 40 percent of the newly hatched sea turtles on a specific beach in Turkey cannot find their way to the sea because they seek the of artificial light from the tourist hotels instead towards the light from the moon, - That a group of American doctors proved that, there is a correlation between myopia  (Kurzsichtigkeit ) and children’s exposition to light during sleep. - That the production of a hormone called melatonin by shift workers is suppressed by light ,-  melatonin that has a cancer-reducing effect.


All interrupted by blinding spotlights morsing sentences as “Loss of darkness is loss of heritage”


Decembristerne 2011. Den Frie Udstillingsbygning. Copenhagen .








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