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Getting in sync with nature

a video installation on led screen. looped, 2:06 min.2009


The video installation "Getting In sync with nature" shows a sunset and a sunrise. the horizontal rectangular 1 x 5 meter screen has just the same height as the diameter of the sun. The rising and setting freezes in an unnatural vertical move. The led screen has a very pixilated picture, and the digital manipulation re-examines the very well-known impressive cliché-related subject.

The manipulated time aspect relates itself more to fiction than to a documentation of an authentic morning and evening. The poetic scenario is possessed by the technical pixelated expression. The sun never rises and goes down on the same spot. Nature is thrown into disorder.










In the anniversary exhibition “Happy birthday” at Aarhus art museum, AROS, the media opposes the paintings. A  series of landscapes create a coherent horizon like in a film reel, and a narrative progress of time and space is created.  In the video, opposite the paintings, the sun is rising and setting, and supply the paintings with time dimension. the colors in the paintings react with the colors from the video, and animate the landscape.