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CUTS and FLATTEN /  STILLEBEN through the Z-Axis.Photographer Ander Sune Berg.

LED modules, flat screens, painted walls, folie decoration.


The public decoration CUTS and Flatten / STILLEBEN through the Z-Axis at the New University Hospital in Aarhus consist of video sequences on 2 large LED screens,

the largest being 2x6 meters, and on 4 smaller screens. In addition, the decoration also consists of foil on glass and a number painted stripes on the walls which pass over two floors. The video sequences are generated via CT scans, the hospitals own technique.

The decoration is inspired of the classic genre of Stilleben and Nature Morte, which, through the assembly and arrangement objects, presents stories of life and death, and science, art and history.The videos cut - like the CT scans - through recognizable objects that slowly appear and disappear again. As a story and a snapshot that changes for each time you pass. The different screens also represent the study angles that doctors themselves use to diagnose.

At the hospital, you will, like in the genre of Nature Morte, meet both birth and death, history and science. In the video sequences, objects that belong to different ages, a toy car, Lego bricks, clogs and a pipe, and via globe, flasks and test tubes and stuffed animals and paintings, it all refer to history, art and science The sequences become a story of time with a slow meditative pace, where you have to remember what you just have seen to recognize what you now are seeing.









Photographer Anders Sune Berg ( All photoes)