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Busy Circle at the exhibition YOU ARE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW  curated by Mikkel Karl Rønnebæksholm 2020.



Busy Circle 

Duration 3:20 min looping



Busy Circle. REVISIT. Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art. Copenhagen 2018.

Photo: Anders Sune Berg



Busy Circle is a 1x1 meter video work. It appears on an LED display and appears coarse-grained and digital. The blue circle spins around and around - but disappears and the screen goes black for 20 sec around every 3 minutes.

Busy Circle unfolds for many people a human recognizable situation from the digital world. The symbol shows up where the computer is stopping the processes and want us to wait. The symbol shows up when we are not any longer in control and when the computer lives its own life.

The LED screen has a very pixilated picture and is normally used in public space. By moving the Busy Circle from the computer screen to the LED technology, you also move the individual experience you deal with to a public scene and as a public matter. Both context, size and pixel density are transformed.