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A matter of Strategy. 2007

A matter of Strategy   shows five paratroopers landing on a field and conquering the territory.   A matter of Strategy   has been shown as a kind of appendix to “Camaraderie’s”, with the soldiers as the ultimate icon of display of force. It relates to the different social groups in “Camaraderie’s”, who just because they were present conquered the city park. But A matter of Strategy  is a separate,  independent work.

The video work follow the five paratroopers jump, from each of their perspective, and landing. Against all expectations, they start to perform a choreography on a field accompanied to a piece of instrumental rock music composed to A matter of Strategy by the rock band Annasaid.

The guns are transformed into props, and the conquest of the territory is deconstructed and becomes a dance. Conquest change its meaning and the strategy changes from the militaristic point of view to a matter of playfulness and dance