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“Videos, soup, blankets and pixie caps”

Variable constructed mobile units.

“Videos, soup, blankets and pixie caps” is a project, where we in constructed mobile units,  easy can move around in cityscape and show videos, which relate site specific to the places, where the videos are shown, or relate social political in relation to time and location.
The wagons are provided with converter, batteries, beamer, DVD, benches, blankets, pixie caps, soup pots, and food as needed.
In the electric car a screen is mounted, and a beamer, who projects both on the screen but can as well also be pointed at facades , walls or other surfaces in urban space. The spectators are invited to sit down on the benches carried along and are offered soup and pixie caps. Everyplace the wagons stop and the benches are put up and the videos shown, a social situation and a place for dialogue is created.







“The bonfire” / “Videos, soup, blankets and pixie caps” 2009.

The Bonfire referees inevitable to  scout and soldier camps and the feeling of community. The fire gather people. The installation is shown on 3 screen and takes 1:05 hour from the video starts and light the fire to the video stops and the fire ends. Then the wagons drive on to another place and turn on the video and the fire once more.
Look as well “Videos, soup, blankets and pixie caps” 2009.