DK   UK

Blindgang / Blind Walk

video installation on 2 monitors/ 28: 13: 00 min. and surround sound


Blind Walk is an attempt to reinsert a visual media on the sense perception of a blind person.

The imagesshow a blind woman and her guide dog on their daily trip. Both carry a camcorder, the blind woman has the camcorder mounted on the breast and the dog on its head.Generally the dog is in position, and the visual impressions, the two POW of both camcorders are parallel registrations of the scenery. The videos on the two screens are shown simultaneously. During the entire tripthe blind woman describes what she feels and hear.What we see is not necessarily the same as she describes. The camera cropping work of reality becomes a constraint, like the lack of sight is a limitation, and a displacement arise between pictures and sound showing the appearance of the surroundings.