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New Constructions. Permanent decoration.Court of Frederiksberg 2016.

Video, LED and Flatscreen, wooden construction.


New Constructions


New Constructions show a black and white picture and movements in front of the camera make traces of the use of an old tube camera. The tracks are exponential for a time: a past, a present and a future - in processional motion. What has been, what it is and what will come. The ghostly traces of the delayed exposure form their own shapes.

Here are actions taken in front of the camera and movements of an almost ritual character, that in one way or another helps to achieve harmony and balance on the surface - which can relate to the judiciary's intentions of maintaining justice and order.

Abstract shapes move searching at the surface to find the most sublime position in Maleviti's sense in relation to each other, and become a composition of motion. A transparent ball balances on a plate close to the camera, the ball is led to the lens, and almost gets crystal-like appearance, hands' strange strokes in front of the lens suggest the ritual, but lets a further interpretation stand open. Few times, the image is interrupt by more recognizable motifs - a door, a cat etc. Two hands are seen moving and visualizing the tactile of the touch. The track from the hands of the hands draws an imaginary almost sculptural form. It is the gesture of care that builds up the shape.

In between the black and white sequences are interrupted of monochrome colored sequences.

With the 2 screens, a double gaze has been created, with a balance between human movement patterns in a more cinematic high resolution flat screen and a more technically controlled expression in the grained LED module.